From spain, gearboxes info & dude

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From spain, gearboxes info & dude

Bericht door Adri_corolla99spain »

Hello friends.

I´m planning to replace my Corolla 4AFE 5 speed manual gearbox for a 6 speed manual gearbox (G6/G6R) and I have several doubts. Actually I don´t know

I really don't know which 6-speed boxes are compatible with the 4AFE and on the other hand I don't know which one corresponds to this engine since C161 and C162 appear on the Toyota parts map. But I wonder if the C162 goes with 3ZZFE, if it goes with 4AFE and 3ZZFE, if it goes with 4EFE...
Iguess thar gearbox for 3ZZFE can not be the sabe for the 4AFE because the bloks are different.

I find out information in other forum:
3ZZFE 5speed -> C52
3ZZFE 6speed -> C162
4AF -> C50
4AFE 5speed -> C52
4AFE 6speed -> C162
4AGE 16v Traction -> C52
4AGE 16v Propulsion -> T50
4AGE 20v 5speed -> C56
4AGE 20v 6speed -> C160
4AGZE 1gen/2gen -> E51
4AGZE 3gen/4gen -> E58
4EFE 5speed -> C150
4EFE 6speed -> C161

Can anyone confirm if this information is true? I´m looking for best compatible 6 speed gearbox for 4AFE.

Thanks in advance. :D

Regards from Spain.
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